Njall Hardarson

CEO at Domus Info, Denmark

 Frederiksberg C. DK-1954

Life is good for those who appreciate it. 5 children and 5 grandchildren and a wonderful wife, who can ask for more?

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Profile - About Me

  • Njall Hardarson
  • August 20, 1947
  • Frederiksberg C. DK-1954
  • njall@njall.com
  • +45-25134787
  • www.njall.com
  • Ann Wunsch Skov

Together with Gisli Njalsson, organised a country wide sweater collection program in Iceland for the elderly and frail in North West of England, who die by the thousands from cold related illnesses every winter. The Icelandic sweaters are made from the world famous Icelandic wool.

  • Hordur Steinbergsson born in Siglufjordur Iceland on 12/06/1928 died 22/06/2008
  • Bergthora S. Stefansdottir born in Skagastrond Iceland on 11.04.1928 - died 01.05.2008
  • Late wife: Elfa Fanndal Gisladottir 20.10.1946 - died 04.02.2008
  • Eyjolfur Palsson (Reykjavik) Dob. 17/05/1965
  • Marianna E. Tobias (Copenhagen) Dob. 19/07/1971
  • Susanna M. Tobias (Copenhagen) Dob. 19/07/1971
  • Gisli Freyr Njalsson (Copenhagen) Dob. 23/03/1973
  • Linda Yr Njalsdottir Sotgia (Parma Italy) Dob. 13/12/1977

Work Experience

  • CEO 2011 - Present
     Domus Info

    Owner and creator of Domus Info, www.domusinfo.com an International communications portal designed for residents of small and larger buildings. The portal www.domusinfo.com gives residents their own communication tool within their domain, with emphasis on their immediate surroundings, where they can chat and leave messages online to eachother and receive urgent messages from the building management via SMS or e-mail
    Operator and designer of Gaia Blue, www.gaia-blue.com a hosting and web design company

  • Technical Service Manager 2009 - 2011
     PantrosIP GmbH

    Technical Service Manager for PantrosIP GmbH. Sacramento California, an international patent management portal and database for patents world wide

  • Self Employed 2005 - 2009
     Own Bussiness

    Web design and IT consultant free lance in Machester UK

  • CEO 2002 - 2005
     COL Systems Ltd.

    Redesign and marketing of Crime on line theft prevention portal now a part of Domus Info www.domusinfo.com, opreations of UK based online gaming servers and general web site hosting

  • Technical Director 2000 - 2002
     IP One Plc.

    IT manager of IP-One in Manchester UK, Web design and streaming media and "1st for Jobs" job portal with customers such as UAE and the UK Highway maintenance department

  • Web designer 1995 - 2000

    Web design, hosting of web sites and marketing of websites in general

  • Estate Agent 1992 - 1995

    Real estate agent with emphasis on Commercial and industrial properties

  • CEO 1990 - 1992
     Nyja Blikksmidjan Sheet Metal

    Operations manager of sheet metal manufactoring of metal products such as ventilation ductwork and AC units, wheelburrows and gutters

  • ICS Business Manager 1989 - 1990
     ICS/Blount Inc.

    Interim Business Manager for ICS division of Oregon Chain in Portland a division of Blunt inc. with focus on design, manufacturing and marketing a new hand held concrete and stone cutting chainsaw unit. Responsible for showcasing the finished product at World of Concrete in Houston Texas and in Tokyo Japan

  • Maintenance Manager 1988 - 1989
     Anchor Glass, California.

    Interim Maintenance Manager of glass manufacturing facilities and packing department.

  • CEO 1986 - 1989
     1st Mechanical Sheet Metal

    Manufacturing and installations of ventilation units and ductwork, for Macys, Kragen Autoparts and various military bases and University of San Francisco etc. (Company sold)

  • CEO 1984 - 1989
     Associated Concrete

    Construction company of 87 employees with emphases on Concrete cutting and demolition, swimmingpool repairs, flat concrete work and foundations (Company sold)

  • CEO 1979 - 1981
     Video-Son Cable TV

    Creator and instigator of a city wide cable TV. Marketing and Operations, then the largest cable TV in Europe. (Company sold)

  • CEO 1975 - 1984
     Velaleiga Njals Hardarsonar

    Demolition and concrete cutting in Iceland (Company sold)

  • Service Mont�r 1969 - 1975
     Glent og Co. Copenhagen

    Ventilation service worker and assistant to the engineering department

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Domus Info

Pantros IP

Thai Gorilla Pulp Ltd.

Cognac Greiffenclau

Gaia Blue

I-Rent Info

Community online portal

Crime-on-line theft prevention

Spanish homes real estate

Adams Hotel


korpudalur Hotel

Hi Spain Investments

Blog - My Blog

  •  August 20, 2014
  •  by Njall Hardarson

 In January 2009 after arriving back to Manchester from a short trip to Iceland where newspapers were carrying the story about the elderly in North of England dying of cold related illnesses, and relating that story to my son Gisli, he made a comment that we should send them Icelandic sweaters to stay warm during the winter months...

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Contact info
  • Adress:  Frederiksberg C. DK-1954.
  •  Email:  njall@njall.com
  •  Phone:  +45-25134787
  •  Website:  www.njall.com
  •  Skype:  nhardarson
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